Review: 'Desi Boyz' offers fast-paced comedy, sizzle and emotion

If you've seen the promos for "Desi Boyz," then you know exactly what to expect: eye candy and comedy with a desi heart. On that and on plot, the face-paced film certainly delivers right up until the climax begins to unravel.

It's 2009, and friends Nick Mathur (John Abraham) and Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) are living in the ultimate bachelor pad in London. But then recession strikes and Nick loses his job as an investment banker and college dropout Jerry goes from flitting from job to job to having none. But Nick is trying to fund a wedding to his beautiful fiancée, Radhika (Deepika Padukone), and Jerry has to keep a job to keep custody of his young nephew. So the two down-on-their-luck men decide to become male escorts — but mostly dancers for bachelorette parties — for the agency Desi Boyz, transforming into the personas of Rocco and Hunter until the high-paying but morally low scheme blows up in their faces.

As a film about escorts, the film is certainly about eye candy, just like the promos promised. There's plenty of shirtless scenes where it's obvious we're to appreciate the Desi Boyz as much as the women who call them. But true to Bollywood form, there's lots of eye candy, but still no nudity and no sex (going into the escort debacle, Nick and Jerry make a "no sex" promise).

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