Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor wedding put on hold indefinitely

The marriage plans of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have been put on hold with the Pataudis going into mourning. A source said the couple had already put the wedding plans on hold after Mansur Ali Khan was admitted to hospital. Saif Ali Khan and Kapoor were planning to get married in mid-February next year.

"The official mourning period of the family is six months, but the family won't celebrate for the next one year," said a friend of the Pataudis.

The marriage was supposed to take place at the Pataudi family palace in Bhopal. "The plans were already put on hold and we were looking at a date later next year because we expected Nawabsaheb (that was how Tiger was known among his select group of friends) to get better. But tragedy has struck," said the friend.

Saif Ali Khan, who rushed to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on hearing of his father's death, broke down upon reaching the place. Kapoor, who was shooting at a different location, was expected to take a late-night flight to Delhi.

Pataudi's daughters Saba and Soha Ali Khan and wife Sharmila Tagore were already at the hospital by Pataudi's bedside.

"We have been told that Amrita Singh (Saif Ali's former wife) is also going to arrive soon with his children (son Ibrahim Ali Khan and daughter Sara Ali Khan)," the friend added.

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