WATCH: Poonam Pandey gets raunchy in the shower

 It seems Poonam Pandey is not content stripping only once. That's probably why why she's launching a site where she "promises fun 24 X 7". Meanwhile, the lady has posted a video where she's taking a shower. She claims it's just a trailer.

Wearing a white bikini, the wannabe model's striptease is picturised in her bathroom. In the video, Poonam emerges from a bathtub and swirls provocatively. She goes on to take a shower and continues with the striptease act.

After posting the video Poonam tweeted, "This Was Just the TRAILER .... Lot u will See Live24x7 on my Website ,,,, But yes i have Few more Trailer to Share!!"

"Love u All Muwwwwwwaaaah!! The First Look(Video) is Here "My Bathing Secrets" ," the lady had tweeted.

She self-censored the video by putting a disclaimer that people under 18 are not allowed to watch the video. She had tweeted, "2 WARNING, 18 and under should not try looking up the Video.. that said i do not take responsibility for anyone under age looking this Video."

Poonam Pandey promised to post even hotter videos soon. She wrote on her Twitter account, "Hope u Loved this Video Trailer on Poonam Pandey Live 24x7 Will Share Another Trailer, its gonna b Hot, Hotter & Hottest."

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