South filmmakers vying to remake Agneepath

With the film raking in a whopping Rs 75 crore, KJo has since been flooded with enquiries

For the past few years, Bollywood filmmakers have fought tooth and nail over the remake rights of hit south Indian ventures. The tables seem to have turned with Karan Malhotra's successful January release Agneepath. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that many filmmakers in the south are vying for the remake rights of the film, which garnered a record breaking collection of Rs 75 crore.

According to a source from the south film fraternity, producer Karan Johar has received several enquiries from filmmakers, eager to avail of permission to remake the film. "The Dharma Productions' office has been buzzing with activity, ever since Agneepath hit theatres. In fact, Karan has met with some of them, who flew down to Mumbai last weekend. However, he is yet to decide who he will ultimately relinquish the rights to," said the source.

While KJo remained unavailable for comment, a very close friend of his confirmed the news and said, "Yes, Karan has had many filmmakers from the south approach him to discuss acquiring permission to remake Agneepath." When asked if KJo is willing to part with the film's rights, his friend replied, "Why not? Karan has absolutely no problem as long as his family's project is handled by capable filmmakers."

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