Chammak Challo from Ra.One gives bollywood a lesson!!

The rough version of Chammak Challo was leaked on internet few months back & It was an instant chart buster from the first day and from that day there had been many discussions over the Chammak Challo, Chammak Challo had been compared with the so called item songs like sheela, munni etc etc, but We were sure about the Chammak Challo and the content quality of a ShahRukh Khan starer movie and that too a Movie like Ra.One which is going to be a complete package of everything , be it for family, kids or young people. We were sure that ShahRukh Khan is going to give his audience a song(for now untill movie comes) which everyone can enjoy together and appreciate.

After watching 90sec of Chammak Challo, our believe in ShahRukh Khan and Quality of content have grown stronger and stronger, Chammak Challo is total khantastic (fantastic) & enjoyable with your dear & near once without switching channel.

Now coming back to the song, We know you have already watched this song many times but still here is the Chammak Challo

Chammak Challo is beautifully choreographed on south Indian theme, and Chammak Challo gives bollywood a lesson that you can make catchy song without showing nudity and using vulgar lyrics.

And most important thing Chammak Challo is not an bollywood Item number which is forcefully inserted in the movie. This song is very important part of the story of Ra.One.

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