SRK planning to make RA.One sequel

It has an ever-escalating budget rumoured to currently be around Rs 200 crore. There are cameos by Rajinikanth, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra, not to mention merchandise tie-ups including games, deodorants and school gear.

RA.One might already seem like a daunting proposition, but Shah Rukh Khan has ambitious plans for his sci-fi fantasy thriller.

The actor says, “There should be a sequel; that’s the tendency of all superhero films. Next time, I’d like to do it faster, bigger and better because my team and I have the technology and know how to use it now.”

He does, however, admit, “It’s presumptuous to start on it already. But if we can pull off this film and the character (G.One) to the extent that we hope for, then we want to do it again.”

The Diwali release has kept Shah Rukh busy for about two years now, and has visibly taken a toll on his health too, but it doesn’t bother him: “It’s been difficult because my producer Bobby Chawla has been unwell for a long time now, and I’ve been filling in for him.

RA.One happened because of him, and no one can replace him.”

Shah Rukh adds with a laugh, “In fact, when Rajni sir was in town to shoot his cameo for the film, the only thing he said to me was to get some rest because I looked very tired.”

Prod him on the south superstar’s role in the film and he divulges, “It’s only a couple of shots, but it’s turned out fantastic, and I can say my film is now complete. When the superhero, G.One comes down to the real world, the first thing he sees is another superhero, Chitti (Rajinikanth’s character in Robot, 2010). To me, it represents irony.”

Shah Rukh is also eagerly awaiting the release of Farhan Akhtar’s action thriller Don 2 in December. “It looks great so far,” he enthuses, adding, “I’ve already finished dubbing for my portions. If all goes well, the first trailer will come out with RA.One.”

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