Kangana dons a bikini in Rascals!

After much speculation and hullabaloo over Kangana Ranaut donning a bikini in her upcoming movie Rascals, the news has finally been confirmed!

The actress who was in the news for her initial reluctance to the bikini finally gave into director David Dhawan’s request. The petite actress has shot in a bikini for a particular sequence in the movie, which is seen in the first promo of the movie.

Apparently the actress had refused to be shot in a bikini clad avatar as she was apprehensive about her weight and did not want to don a bikini until she was completely confident about her look in the scenes.

However, she finally did go for it and the result, we say is mighty impressive with the actress looking sizzling in her white bikini and cool classy aviators!

Produced by Sanjay Dutt Productions and Rupali Aum Entertainment, ‘Rascals’ is a rib-tickling comedy starring Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn who play two cool competing conmen who try to outwit each other to win the heart of the surprisingly elusive Kangana!

The movie is slated for a Dusshera release on 6th October.

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