Why did Salman Khan invite Ranbir Kapoor to lunch?

Days after actor Saif Ali Khan’s brawl with a South African businessman in a city restaurant eclipsed all events in B-Town, two of its stars, known to have a history of cold war going on between them, apparently got together for lunch. Wondering who they are? It’s Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor.

While they may not have had a full-blown brawl in the past, there apparently is no love lost between them; it seems like it has a lot to do with Salman’s protegee and once rumoured flame, actress Katrina Kaif.

The heroine, who was rumoured to be in a relationship with Salman for a long time, has apparently moved on and is now reportedly in a relationship with Ranbir. Grapevine suggests that though Ranbir-Katrina’s relationship didn’t work out, it’s back on track and in fact, stronger than ever since the initial break-up.

Given the history, onlookers on a set, where the two actors were shooting were taken aback to see Salman, who is back from his recent shooting schedule in Cuba with Katrina, inviting Ranbir over for lunch at Mehboob Studios. Says a source,

“Salman and Ranbir were busy shooting for their respective films at Mehboob studios. When they bumped into each other at the studio, both greeted each other cordially.After exchanging pleasantries, Salman asked Ranbir to join him for lunch. Ranbir seemed surprised at first, but agreed immediately and left with Salman bhai. They then had lunch together, from prying eyes. After the lunch, they were then seen returning to their respective sets for work.”

The source further adds, “Though it’s not known what they were discussing, it did seem like it got awkward at a certain point, but just for a brief while.”

Apart from Katrina being the bone of contention between them, the actors apparently had a fallout during the release of 2011 film Chillar Party. Salman, who produced the film, was reported to have edited Ranbir’s item number from the film, and retained it only for promotional activities. He also apparently ensured that Ranbir was left out of the guestlist for the premiere of the same film. So, wonder what the warring duo were really discussing after all?

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