Salman Khan teenager fan duped by a stranger

Mumbai: Not that the city of dreams, Mumbai is any way limited to unexpected visitors from different corners of the world, but here’s an incident which highlights the craziness of a teenage fan for her on-screen idol Salman Khan.

In pursuit of a dreamy rendezvous with India’s biggest star Salman Khan, a 14 year old girl ran away from her house with a sum of Rs 3,000 much to the distress of her family and relatives back in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

Obviously, unaware of the goings of the megacity, the star-struck standard IX student found herself lost in the middle of Mumbai with neither money to go back nor food to eat. Reportedly, the teenager was lured by a stranger in the pretext of promising her to take to the actor, thereby taking all her money she had.

Meanwhile, the teenager’s father lodged a missing complaint with the local police. Even as cops had initiated investigations, Kurla RPF finds the 14-yr-old near a railway station restroom.

Cops are now trying to track down the unidentified man who duped her of money by promising to take her to the star.

Wonder, what Salman have to say about this one-of-a-kind incident!

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